Feedback from just a few Gathering Leaves authors...

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All an author really wants is a core team around her to help her achieve her dream. That shouldn't be a hard task, but sometimes it is. During my ongoing career as an author, I have used several editors. I can finally say with confidence that I have found one who I can add to my team. Cassie McCown is extremely professional, always answers her emails in a timely manner, meets her deadlines, and edits to the best of her ability, which, in my opinion, is excellent. I have worked with her from the beginning of my career, from beta reading and now to full-on editing, and I plan to continue to use her as my "book doctor." I would also recommend her to any author/writer out there (in fact, I do!). If you are looking for an editor who is dedicated to her job, someone you can rely on and trust with your project and who truly wants to help you succeed, then look no further. Just don't fill up her calendar too much. I'm going to need her.

Cambria Hebert, author of the #Hashtag, GearShark, & Take It Off Series, & many more!



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