Gathering Leaves

"...From the first section she edited, I

 realized in order to take a good book to

 status of great, an editor is of huge

 importance." - LeeAnn Smith, Author of

Cat's Eye Marble

"...My working relationship with Cassie felt like a partnership... like she had a vested interest in my book's success. For that (for her), I'll be forever grateful." - T. R. Graves, Author of the Warrior Series


Gathering Leaves offers independent professional editing services. If you are in need of quality, affordable editing, please contact me.


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" 'book doctor.' ... If you are looking for an editor who is dedicated to her job, someone you can rely on and trust with your project and who truly wants to help you succeed, then look no further." - Cambria Hebert, Author of the Heven and Hell Series