Gathering Leaves

Nothing kills a great piece of writing like no editing or a poor editing job. I know you pour your heart and soul into your work, and you want the whole world to love it as much as you do! The truth is it's hard to be objectively critical of something you have spent so much blood, sweat, and tears over. That's where I come in. From a simple proofread to a more complicated copy or content edit, I'm here to help you polish your beloved manuscript and get it ready for the spotlight.


Whether you are traditionally published, self-published, business professional, or student, I want to help you achieve literary success.


I became part of JournalStone's proofreading team in early 2011 and worked with them until personal projects began to take up more of my time. Following that, I worked with another professional editor to build my experience and client base. Finally, I was able to branch out on my own with Gathering Leaves. 

I have always been the go-to girl for my friends and family for all things literary, with a great eye and a slight case of OCD... :-) I have always excelled in English, literature, and writing. I can assure you that your work will be in perfectly capable hands.


You can find books I have worked on under the What I've Done tab to the left. Also check out the Testimonials of my satisfied clients!


NOTE: In 2016, I underwent a three-part rate increase. I have been professionally editing for over five years, and during that time, I barely raised my rates, despite the ups and downs of our economy. It became increasingly apparent to me that in order to stay in business and maintain a healthy and satisfactory personal life, I had to implement this process. I appreciate each and every client, and many of you have truly become my friends. I hope you all understand this business and health decision. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Standard Pricing for Proofing/Copyediting: 0.0055-0.02 per word


Standard Pricing for *Combo Editing: 0.025 per word

*Combo edit is a multi-pass copyedit and content edit combined. 

Exact rates are determined with a sample edit of 7-10 pages.


These prices are a standard estimate only. Actual fees will depend on the type of project involved. I understand what it's like to be short on change, so please let me know if you have special financial concerns. I am usually willing to work out a deal, payment arrangement, etc.


If you're unsure what type of work your project needs, please feel free to discuss your concerns and plans with me to see if we are a good fit. Chances are, if I don't know how to do it, I can find out OR refer you to someone who can!


I am looking forward to working with all that fantastic talent out there! (That's YOU!)


Email me at to get started...

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